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Due to COVID-19 we  will be continuing all choir sessions virtually. However we have put together  a very exciting online program that is detailed below. Hope you will join us!

Mondays - Music Workshops, Concerts & a Talent Show

Content related on Monday will consist of three components; Workshops, concerts and a Talent Show


Our workshops, happening every other Monday, will be done as a Q&A session. In advance, members can send singing or session related questions, which will then be compiled to create each of the workshop videos, 10-20 minutes long. The workshops will be released on YouTube and be available to watch anytime


My Pop Choir will be hosting three, 45 minute live-streamed concerts featuring our talented Choir Directors! These 3 concerts will occur every other week in opposition to the workshop videos.

Talent Show

We want to see you perform! Our the last Monday of the term, August 31st, will feature a live-streamed Talent Show where any of you brave souls can put on a performance of your choice! This is completely optional and there will be no peer pressure involved. For participants, you can choose to do anything you like; you can sing, play an instrument, recite a poem you've written, sing with a group if your social bubble permits it, tell a story, anything at all!

Wednesdays - Choir Session

Using the Zoom program, we will have a live choir session. A typical Wednesday evening will go like this:

  • Wednesdays at 6:45PM, for those that wish to engage in pre-choir socializing, members will be able to sign into Zoom and be sent automatically to their individual choir locations (Richmond Hill, Burlington etc). For anyone who doesn't want to be separated into their choirs, or aren't affiliated with one, there will still be a central Zoom meeting taking place.
  • At 7:15PM, everybody will be automatically returned to the main Zoom screen and the session will begin with a warmup.
  • NEW At 7:30PM, we will proceed with a 15 minute collaborative section where we discuss the music we've already been working on.
  • At 7:45PM, we proceed to YouTube for the 45 minute Premiere Video of the session to work on new material, similar to this past term.

Fridays - Live Singalong

My Pop Choir will be hosting a live Singalong every Friday night!  Every Friday evening at 7:15pm,  you will be able to tune in to a YouTube Livestream of us singing through an assortment of songs, usually well known, and you can sing along at home.  Again, you will see and hear me, but won’t be seen or heard by others.  Consider it a casual, virtual, fun get together where we get to sing songs as a group, even if we aren’t physically together.

Celebrate Together

When it is safe to do so, we will plan an evening for all of us to get together in person and sing the learned material as a choir. Perhaps an evening outside in a park might be possible this fall? Fingers crossed but we'll just have to wait and see!

Show Choir Performance

We will be putting together an ambitious Virtual Choir Performance Music Video that will surely dazzle your friends and family!

How to Register:

  1. Click on the registration link below. My Pop Choir - Summer 2020 - Virtual Choir