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Due to COVID-19 we have cancelled our in person Spring Term choir sessions. However we have put together  a very exciting online program that is detailed below. Hope you will join us online!


Mondays - Music Workshops

Every Monday, you will receive a link to a password protected YouTube link that will feature a 20-30 minute music workshop, created by MPC.  Each workshop will showcase a different topic. Subjects will include, but are not limited to:

  • An in depth vocal warmup, which will be available for long term use for whenever you are looking to have that extra deep warm up for your voice.  This will also be available as an audio file so you can download it and play it wherever you’d like!
  • Various topics related to improving your singing voice like breath support/vocal resonance/body alignment/improving range/projection/etc.
  • Overall mental approach to better understanding your personal connection to music/psychological nature of singing/dealing with nerves/stress/etc.
  • Tips on singing in a choir
  • And lots more!

Wednesdays - Choir Session

Using the Zoom program, we will have a live choir session. A typical Wednesday evening will go like this:
  • Starting at 6:45PM,  I will open a Zoom chat room. Members will log in before the session starts, using the Zoom link I provide you with.  If you log in early, you will have the option to chat with your peers, possibility separated into different chatrooms that separate the various choirs.  You may choose to skip any social interactions and log in shortly before session start time if you wish as this part is entirely optional.
  • At 7:15PM, we will begin the choir session, where you will see and hear me, but won’t be seen or heard by others.  There will be a live introduction and vocal warmup. 
  • Following the warmup is a 1 hour choir session, done with a pre-recorded video. You follow along to the video and I will be present to pause the video and answer any questions members may have during the session.
  • This video will be posted on YouTube with our password protected link and members will have access to the session to rewatch as often as you want to.

Fridays - Live Singalong

My Pop Choir will be hosting a live Singalong every Friday night!  Every Friday evening, exact time TBD,  you will be able to tune in to a YouTube Livestream of us singing through an assortment of songs, usually well known, and you can sing along at home.  Again, you will see and hear me, but won’t be seen or heard by others.  Consider it a casual, virtual, fun get together where we get to sing songs as a group, even if we aren’t physically together.

Celebrate Together

The primary goal to work towards, which I believe is an important element of this virtual choir, is that after the term finishes and social distancing comes to a close, we will plan an evening for all of us to get together in person and sing the learned material as a choir!  We are also exploring the idea of providing an option for members to send us your recorded voices so we can put together a virtual choir sound that way, though it’s a work in progress and no guarantee at this point.

How to Register:

  1. Click on the registration link below.My Pop Choir - Spring 2020 - Virtual Choir