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My Pop Choir™ requires a minimum of 35 and a maximum of 60.  As we have to make the commitment to our choir masters and to our venues well in advance, we require registrations 24 hours before the term start for each choir location.   If the MINUMUM choir size has not been achieved at that point, you will be notified that the choir is cancelled (it's only happened twice, but it's happened!).  Conversely if the choir is nearing it's maximum size, we will indicate that on this page. Registration priority is as follows:

  1. returning members who've paid in advance, then
  2. registered term new members who've paid in advance, then
  3. Pop-Ins on a first register basis.

How to Register:

  1. Click on the location of your choice from the list below.
  2. Fill in the brief info form on that page and indicate whether you’re registering for the term or a Pop-In by clicking in the circle.
  3. If you are registering for THE TERM, we require pre-payment.
  • You must register on the site for either the term or a no-obligation Pop-In.  (We need to know our numbers!)
  • Payment for the Full Term can be made by cheque payable to “My Pop Choir” at 2-1A Olive Ave, Toronto, M6G 1T7, or can be done via PayPal using the link on your registration page, or by the fabulously fast, secure and easy etransfer to mypopchoir.sing@gmail.com .  Please include in the message box, which choir you are registering for!
  • Those attending a Pop-In Session and, by the end of that session, choose to become a member, must pay for the Full Term at the time via cheque, cash, or if you have internet access on your mobile device, Pay Pal or E-transfer.

NOTE: the Bring A Friend fee applies only if one of the registrants is new to My Pop Choir.

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