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We have an amazing term ahead of us and I hope you will join us!

Winter Term Registration Is Now CLOSED

My Pop Choir's Virtual Spring Term will begin early April.  To be notified when registration opens, you can sign up to our mailing list here.

This program is a completely unique take on virtual choir programming.  The vast majority of virtual choirs are done exclusively through video conferencing software, most commonly Zoom, where members are muted and therefore never get to hear what the choral compositions sound like with all harmony parts put together.  By utilizing post recording audio software, My Pop Choir's virtual choir includes built in harmonies, so when you sing along to the music, it feels like you are actually singing in a real choir!  You don't need any technology besides a computer or other device that connects to the internet.

In addition, there is a large variety of optional community related events, activities, and workshops designed to build up your singing skills and entertain you!  And to top it all off, every term we put together a full scale music video choir performance of one of our songs (participation is completely optional).  Click here to see our Spring Term Music Video and click here to see our Summer Term Music Video.

If you think you might be overwhelmed by so much content, rest assured it is perfectly okay to attend only the featured choir sessions!

Mondays - Workshops, Concerts, and an Open Mic

The Monday events consist of 3 different elements: Workshops, Concerts, and an Open Mic, each happening on a different Monday.


Our 15 minute taped workshops discuss interesting and informative aspects of singing and music in general. These workshops will be released on various Mondays privately on YouTube and once released will be available to watch anytime, including after the term finishes. Workshop subjects will include but are not limited to:

  • various topics on music theory to improve your knowledge on singing from a chart
  • a variety of practical approaches on improving the health and quality of your singing voice
  • in depth analysis of how our music videos are put together and how choir arrangements are made for MPC
  • a look at ear training, harmony singing, and many other facets of singing and music in general


The term will showcase some incredible artists who will be performing virtually and exclusively for members of the term. Concerts run approximately 1 hour and are performed live through YouTube. Performers will be announced early in the term.


We want to see you perform! Members of the winter term will have the opportunity to showcase their talents to the rest of the group. This will be a live performance, and is completely optional without any peer pressure to perform.


Wednesdays - Choir Session

The primary feature of our virtual choir is our Wednesday evening choir sessions. They begin with an interactive component on Zoom and then finish off as a YouTube Premiere Video Choir Session. Here is the breakdown of a typical choir session:

  • At 6:30PM (EST), a Zoom meeting begins for casual socializing. It is your choice to either attend and chat with your fellow members, break off into breakout rooms of your choice, simply observe in the background, or disregard this part of the session and only log on a 7:00PM once the session begins.
  • At 7:00PM (EST), the choir session officially begins with an introduction and discussion of the term's upcoming projects and events, a vocal warmup, and an opportunity for any questions to be asked regarding the music or otherwise.
  • At 7:30PM (EST), we proceed to YouTube to participate in an hour long choir session showcased as a YouTube Premiere Video. These videos feel just like a real choir session, with built in harmonies so you can hear how your voice fits within the choir as a whole.


Show Choir Music Video Performance

One of the songs in the term will be featured as a Music Video Choir Performance!  It is always guaranteed to dazzle your friends and family! Click here to see our Spring Term Music Video and click here to see our Summer Term Music Video.

Note: Participation in our music videos is completely optional.  On average about 60% of the members of the term participate so if this isn't your cup of tea, you won't be alone!


Cost and Registration

The cost of this 10 week program is $195 plus HST ($220.35). Bring-a-Friend discount is $175 plus HST ($197.75).