All Virtual Choir – Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays

Virtual Choir – Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays

My Pop Choir Virtual Choir

Registration for our Virtual Choir has now opened!

Due to COVID-19 we will be continuing choir sessions virtually. We have put together a very exciting online program and hope you will join us!


SESSIONS: Monday, Wednesday & Friday @ 7:15 from July 13th, 2020 - September 4th, 2020.

LOCATION: Your Home!

Your membership fee includes:

  1. 8 weekly, pre-recorded choir sessions streamed via Youtube with virtual warm-up and review via Zoom; 60-90 mins (Wednesday)
  2. 4 vocal Q&A workshops; 10-20 mins. (Alternating Mondays)
  3. 3 virtual concerts and end of term Talent Show. (Alternating Mondays)
  4. 8 weekly, live streamed sing-a-long sessions; 45 mins (Friday)
  5. Access to our song tracks, lyric sheets, music charts and vocal recordings by a female and male choir master, all on your own private Members Page;
  6. Virtual Choir Performance Music Video
  7. Final in person session; TBA

PLEASE NOTE:  if you miss a session, you can make up for it by visiting your Members Only page to get access to all video content, recordings for each song to date, the track, a male & female Choir Master singing each part of the songs, and an 'all vocals' recording.

The regular membership fee for this 8-session term is $156 plus HST ($176.28)*.

*Bring a friend fee 

NOTE:  For bring a friend fee, one of you has to be a FIRST TIME member.  Both must register on the site. If you and a friend join you each pay only $136 plus HST ($153.68) each for 8 weeks of joy!  You BOTH have to register and this offer is open once as the 'new member'!


If registering for the term, we require pre-payment. 

  1. e-transfer to mypopchoir.sing@gmail.com - no security answer required.
  2. PayPal - due to PayPals service charges, a $6 fee has been added if you use this method.  If you pay using PayPal, the fee is $182.28 (including HST) or $159.68 with the bring a friend fee.  The link for PayPal will be available immediately after you submit your registration.
  3. Cheque to My Pop Choir, 2-1A Olive Ave, Toronto, M6G 1T7