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Why Join a Choir????

Studies have found that singing has significant psychological and health benefits.  Maybe that's why we all do it.  We sing.   We don't think of ourselves as 'singers'.  We just like to do it.

Of course for most of us, it's when no one can hear us!  Except when we get the chance to sing in a group.  That's a different kind of singing because it's as a group.

Now, imagine singing in a non-church choir, where you don't have to audition.  Where you don't have to have any musical training or know how to read music.  Where you sing for fun, joy, laughter.   A place where you feel comfortable and find yourself lost in the experience.    When, afterwards, you realize you forgot about your stress and feel better than when you walked in the door.  (Our Facebook and You Tube pages will give you a good idea of who we are.  Videos are in various sessions and locations when the choir has finished a song.   Go to www.facebook.com/mypopchoir or www.youtube.com/mypopchoir.)

That is the My Pop Choir™ experience!

As a choir member said:  “I don’t sound great singing alone.  But when I sing with others, the sound is magnificent! I love it.”

When you join My Pop Choir™, you’ll leave your day-to-day cares at the door. And you’ll sound better than you ever thought you could. We know that you will love it so much that we offer a No Obligation POP IN at the first session at at any location.   Click on "Locations" for a My Pop Choir near you, then register for a Pop-In or to ensure a space for you, register for the Term.

How it all started....

In the late spring of 2011, co-founders, Jackie & Anne discovered something very similar in the U.K.  This, like the vision of My Pop Choir, was a group of community-based choirs for adults who loved to sing pop, rock, R&B that had grown to over 10,000 in Britain.  But there was nothing like it in Canada and given Jackie & Anne's musical backgrounds and love of music, they designed what they believed to be a good teaching structure for 'amateurs', i.e. anyone who loves to sing.

With the help of Anne's husband, Scott, a professional musician & singer, they created 2-part music arrangements for a few songs for their first term.  And with Jackie's husband, Michael, owner of an advertising agency specializing in media, offering solid research info and marketing advice, the first My Pop Choir location in Oakville was opened with a choir size of just shy of 40 - an astonishing number considering this was an entirely new entity!

Anne left My Pop Choir to pursue other interests and Jackie has been the CEO, COO, CFO as well as CBW coming up on the 5th year of My Pop Choir.

It’s the people that make My Pop Choir really Pop!

Jacqueline Curtis - Founder

Owned and operated by Jacqueline; the behind the scenes administrator of My Pop Choir, she is the driving force on the who, what, why, where, when and how of this unique experience.   Her love of music, old and new, her family background in theatre and music and her passionate belief in what singing joyfully, without pressure, in a choir environment can do for people is at the core of My Pop Choir.

Alex Fiddes - Owner

Alex joined the My Pop Choir team as a Choirmaster in 2014 with the Oakville choir. He remembers how nervous he was teaching them Margaritaville and then how gratifying it was to see the choir come together to perform beautifully. Alex now runs the organization and continues to direct three of the five choirs. He is passionate about creating stunning arrangements and seeing the different choirs actualize the music. He firmly believes that anyone can sing and that everyone should!

Our Choir Masters

Simply put, My Pop Choir™ choirmasters are a very talented, dynamic group of professional entertainers who have the experience to transform a group of strangers into a cohesive choir. They are warm and enthusiastic leaders who are adept at guiding the inexperienced through a safe and joy filled process. It is their job to make each Session valuable, relaxing and fun.

Melissa Lauren

Melissa has been with My Pop Choir basically since the beginning. She is a veteran performer and choir director. As a teen, Melissa got a strong start touring and performing across North America with The Toronto All Star Big Band.  She spent her early adulthood finding her sound and paving her way in the Canadian music scene as a songwriter, performer, and musical director. Her music has been played across Canada gaining her a nomination for Toronto Independent Music Award. Her most recent release is “The Little Ones” which you can find on any of your streaming platforms.

Jocelyn Regina

Jocelyn discovered the joy of singing in harmony at age 7 when she joined a children's choir. She has an MA in Musical Theatre Performance, holds RCM certificates with honours for Grade 9 Voice & Piano and has competed at the national level as a keyboard player and vocalist in her highschool’s jazz band ensemble, winning gold awards. She also studied Music Theatre at Sheridan College, which is where she began developing her songwriting skills, and met her current music collaborators (also best friends) for Lunar Bloom. Outside of choir she spends her time knitting, teaching voice & piano and making music with Lunar Bloom (www.lunarbloomband.com)